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Information Assurance Scholarship

Information Assurance Scholarship

DOD IA Scholarship Program

(Information Assurance Scholarship Program or IASP)


  The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is offering full scholarships for students, civilians, and
 non-active-duty military personnel who pursue fields of study related to 
information assurance.
 Students selected for the program will receive scholarships that include tuition, books, fees, and a
 stipend.  This requires the student to agree  to serve one year of service to the DoD, upon graduation, for
 each year of scholarship received. During breaks in academic  study, Information Assurance Scholars
 will receive hands-on experience in information security internships. In return,  scholars must agree to
 some restrictions and obligations regarding curriculum, GPA, and post-program employment.
 If all conditions are met, Information Assurance Scholars will receive full-time conditional/permanent
 positions with the DoD upon program completion.


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