Academic Council: Curriculum Committee

Female student in the middle of other students at the Park, talking to each other

Academic Council: Curriculum Committee


July 1, 2017

Seven (7) teaching faculty, one of whom shall teach in each of the following departments/areas:

  • Health Science 
    • Joyet Belcher
  • Business/CIS/Engineering
    • Lucia Gheorghiu
  • Math/Science
    • Yon Kim
  • Humanities/Social Sciences/Human Services
    • Oksana Bauer
  • English 
    • Nina Alsbrook-Jackson
  • English Language Studies (ELS)
    • Miriam Rinkerman
  • One faculty member at large
    • Clement Bamkole

One (1) counselor elected at large

  • Laura Perez

Chief Academic Officer or designee

  • Jacqueline Kineavy

Continuing Education Administrator or Designee

  • Vacant    

The Registrar

One (1) student appointed by the chief student affairs/development officer

  • Vacant     

One (1) Librarian

  • Rick Perdew

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