General Education Committee

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General Education Committee
Last updated: July 1. 2017
General Education Committee Files

One (1) Aesthetics faculty

  • Mary Dajnak

One (1) faculty from the CIS department

  • Eric Cameron

One (1) English faculty

  • James Sanders

One (1) Foreign Language faculty

  • Oksana Bauer

One (1) History faculty

  • Martha Brozyna

One (1) Literature faculty

  • Alan Mitnick

Two (2) Mathematics faculty

  • Emel Demirel
  • Fillmore Corpus

One (1) Philosophy faculty

  • John Fruncillo

One (1) Public Speaking faculty

  • Caffie Risher

One (1) Science Faculty

  • Henriette Mozsolits

Two (2) Social Science faculty

  • Lonna Murphy

One (1) at-large faculty member appointed by the Chief Academic Officer

  • Petar Drakulich

Chair of the College Writing Committee or designee

  •  TBD

Chair of the Curriculum Committee or designee

  • Nina-Louis Alsbrook/Lucia Gheorghiu

Chief Academic Officer or designee

  • Vacant

Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and Academic Assessment

  •  Vacant

Director of Distance Education

  • Randy Jenkins

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